One of our primary goals, as drone operators based in Manchester, is to support sustainable industries with this relatively new, severely underutilised technology. Our Manchester-based UAV solutions are a cost-effective, expedient and environmentally-friendly asset to a wide variety of different industries, making your job easier, while saving the planet at the same time.


Renewable Energy

Drones can play an enormous role in helping companies maximise energy production and safely deliver clean energy to the people of this country.  more  

Agriculture and Forestry

From the surveying and mapping of farming areas, to monitoring crop health and detecting diseases, our drone operators based in Manchester can give you a birds-eye view of your lan...  more  

Construction, Property and Land Development

From initial site surveys, to construction mapping and 3D modelling, to the monitoring of progress throughout the build and high-quality photography and videography   more  

Utilities and Infrastructure

Drone technology has massive potential in the utility sector, being instrumental in the construction and maintenance of railways, bridges and telecom systems, to name but a few.  more