Drone Support for Renewable Energy Industries in Manchester






Drones can play an enormous role in helping companies maximise energy production and safely deliver clean energy to the people of this country.

When it comes to burgeoning renewable technologies, such as tidal, solar and wind power, thorough, regular inspection is absolutely vital. As drone operators based in Manchester, we offer these services to the renewables industry, making sure that solar farms, wind turbines and the like can be inspected safely, ensuring their correct operation. Our operators are highly trained field experts, giving you eyes in the air when you need them most.


  • Safer turbine inspections, using less dangerous height-related equipment.
  • More comprehensive maintenance overview.
  • Lower risk of harm to personnel and staff.
  • More time-efficient inspections.
  • Accurate and reliable data acquisition.
  • High quality photography.
  • Sub-surface defect capture, due to in-built and thermal imaging technology.




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