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There are a whole host of reasons why drones can positively affect the agricultural industry.

From the surveying and mapping of farming areas, to monitoring crop health and detecting diseases, our drone photography in Manchester and the UK provides you with a birds-eye view of your land, with vital insight into how it is performing. Our service provides real-time data gathering and processing, which, in turn, improves your decision making, your efficiency and your bottom line. At the same time, our service helps you reduce waste and free up time that could be put to better use elsewhere.

Far more manoeuvrable and far cheaper than employing a helicopter, drones can also be effectively used to monitor forestry projects, ensuring that governmental guidelines and restrictions are adhered to before and during any forestry that may take place. Make data gathering simple, with high-quality photography and videography that gives you a comprehensive overview of your site.



  • Cost-effective land overview.
  • High-quality imaging.
  • Monitor tree and crop health.
  • Track animal migration patterns.
  • Locate invasive animal groups and pests.
  • Minimise impact on indigenous species.




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