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In recent years, a drone has become vital equipment for any kind of roof survey.

Being cheaper than scaffolding or rope access, and much safer too, our drones come equipped with the latest in cameras and thermal imaging technology, allowing building inspectors and surveyors to establish the condition of the roofing of almost any building. Your team can identify any potential hazards and failings, and even plan for repairs, using the high-quality 4K image and thermographic information.

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Your independent drone roof surveys

With an independent drone safety inspection, you have reassurance and peace of mind, knowing which aspects of your roofing are safe and being aware of any details that need attention. A completed or remediated roofing inspection may also result in lower insurance premiums, higher sale values, and of course, improved site safety overall.

With our detailed reports and high-definition images, if you suspect any damage to your roofing, you can view all the images we take for yourself, which we shall send to you via secure email.




Why have a drone roofing survey?

Roofing is one of the most difficult parts of a building to inspect. This is particularly true on older buildings, industrial sites, or larger buildings with complex structures. If a roofing structure is known to be unsafe, sending a surveyor to physically inspect the property may indeed be a hazard in itself. Having the property inspected through a drone survey is a much easier, safer, and more efficient option, giving you quick, reliable data on which you can make informed decisions about structural roofing damage and repairs.

You can cut out the expense and time consumption involved with scaffolding, cherry pickers, or rope access work. Drone surveys also avoid the pitfalls of obtaining lane-closure permissions, if the site is near traffic, and negate any precautions relating to Working at Height. If the survey confirms the roofing structure is safe and intact, this can save tens of thousands.



Types of roofing we survey

We can inspect any type of roof, in almost any condition. For a visual survey, a clear day with no precipitation is ideal, and for thermographic imaging, a night-time survey in calm, moisture-free conditions is necessary. With our roof surveys, you are provided with state-of-the-art 4K images and a full Category 2 Thermographer's report with recommendations. You can access the images and full reports, and use them as reference and comparison to subsequent imagery. They can also be used in a schedule of condition surveys.