Progress Monitoring Surveys



Many clients and project managers will wish to keep abreast of a project's progress on a monthly, weekly, or even day-to-day basis. 

Site visits may be impractical, both for reasons of geography and distance, and also the time and disruption to the regular working schedules of a building site. A drone survey can cover the whole of the site with a bird's eye view, giving clients a quick, low-cost, and comprehensive overview of the entire operation, with the ability to compare progress over time and ensure work is being completed on schedule.

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Benefits of drones over site visits


Performing regular surveys on foot can be hazardous and disrupt the day-to-day operations of a workforce. A drone survey can be completed with minimal disturbance, and quickly, saving operational time overall.


For managers running projects in different locations, the inconvenience of visiting each in turn and the time, travel, and cost involved can be cut out by employing a drone pilot and surveyor.


With visual records from each flight of the progress of the construction, you can quickly assess any areas that are struggling, and have an accurate overview of progress, potentially enabling more accurate time-frame estimates for your clients.




 You can disseminate the results of the site surveys to stakeholders, other managers, and clients, and keep your whole team up-to-date on progress from your office.



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