UAV Land Development Support in Manchester






Drone technology is changing the way construction preparation happens, and thanks to our drone photography in Manchester and the UK you stand to benefit from this oncoming change.

From initial site surveys, to construction mapping and 3D modelling, to the monitoring of progress throughout the build and high-quality photography and videography – perfect for advertising purposes – our service can make your job that much easier. These services also give you the opportunity for effective pest control – identifying nesting birds, rats and mice that can cause damage to solar panels, roofs and other areas of your property.

Our highly-trained operators can provide a wealth of functionality to your site, making the processes of completion, renovation and management that much more straightforward. Whether you're building something as small as a single home or a large commercial building, eyes in the sky are a vital part of getting a complete overview of your site. Our thermal imaging service is also beneficial in that it gives you the opportunity to identify high-heat-loss areas, saving you money.



  • High-quality imagery and video.
  • A detailed visual on hard-to-reach areas.
  • Pest control – identify rats, mice and nesting birds.
  • Far safer than a manned elevated alternative.
  • More time-efficient service.
  • Cost-effective.