Infrared Thermal Imaging in Manchester

Services Available Across Greater Manchester and Cheshire





Thanks to the combination of our nimble drones and the latest infrared technology, Sky Based Solutions are able to offer a thermal imaging service for your business. 

SBS pride ourselves on helping you gain a comprehensive thermal overview of any building in question, from any height. Do away with the need for expensive and cumbersome scissor lifts, cherry pickers and the like – Our drone photography in Manchester requires half the logistical planning and takes half the time. What our service guarantees you is reliable, actionable insights into the thermal makeup of your site, such as major heat loss areas.






Drone Operators in Manchester




Our Manchester-based infrared thermal imaging services give you the opportunity to attain in-depth inspections of buildings, housing stock and of solar farms, with an elevated view, that gives you a close-up look at the site in question.





The Cost-of-Living Crisis

In light of recent international events, living costs are skyrocketing nationwide. An effective thermal imaging survey can help improve heat efficiency and reduce water ingress, in accordance with an accurate thermal map of your property. Our survey is non-invasive and allows you to identify issues earlier and, whether commercial or residential, save significant cost.