Solar panel inspections



While solar panels are intended to be low maintenance, many owners have problems with their panels.

Having them regularly maintained improves their lifespan and output significantly, up to 30% compared to unmaintained systems. SBS can arrange a solar panel survey for your property, using our state-of-the-art drone photography in Manchester. Call us directly on 0161 470 4739.

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How we perform your thermal inspections

These surveys use infrared technology to enable us to measure the effectiveness of all the panels in a Photo-Voltaic System.

Our solar panel surveys are conducted by Category 1 Qualified Thermographers, with the authority to provide Level 2 Reports. All drones are fitted with 4k cameras, and our surveyors will conduct a methodical inspection, identifying issues and anomalies, or providing reassurance that the system is working well after repairs. It also acts as a record of any anomalies to keep an eye on going forwards.



Your drone survey report includes:

  • Close up, 4K images for all panels on a roof
  • Thermally tuned images
  • An overview of the surrounding roof area
  • Category 2 thermographer report with recommendations

A thermal survey can reveal many aspects of solar panel performance not visible under other circumstances and is a great option to use with a maintenance schedule to catch any issues that arise before they become serious problems. We also inspect solar-powered hot water heating systems, for both flat panel arrangements and evacuated tubes.