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 One of our primary goals, as drone operators based in Manchester, is to support sustainable industries with this relatively new, severely underutilised technology.

Our Manchester-based UAV solutions are a cost-effective, expedient and environmentally-friendly asset to a wide variety of different industries, making your job easier, while saving the planet at the same time. Sky Based Solutions is also a registered Community Interest Company, helping those who have sustained a life-changing physical injury to re-enter the working world and find a more active career path that fulfils and rewards them. Take a look below to see how our hardworking staff and the technology they've mastered can benefit your business.





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Why Choose Sky Based Solutions? 

Environmentally-Friendly Operations

Drones offer a greener alternative to traditional data collection methods.

They minimize ground disturbance, reduce carbon emissions from vehicle use, and promote a more sustainable work ethic across construction, agriculture, renewable energy, and utilities sectors.

Cost-Effective and Efficient


We deliver high-quality data acquisition and aerial imaging at a fraction of the cost and time compared to traditional methods.

This translates to significant savings for your project while maximizing efficiency.

Empowering Sustainable Practices

Our detailed surveys and high-quality drone photography in Manchester empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions that promote environmental responsibility.

From precision agriculture to site inspections in the renewable energy sector, we provide valuable insights that contribute to a greener future.





Two workers walking through solar farm with laptop

Examples of the utilities of our surveys and drone photography in Manchester

  • Faster, safer and more cost-effective wind turbine inspections
  • Assessing large swatches of railway infrastructure so engineers can identify structural weaknesses and necessary repairs
  • Creating 3D models for new construction projects
  • Inspecting solar farms for damage, hotspots and maintenance needs
  • Identifying crop stress and disease outbreaks on farms
  • Monitoring the health and location of livestock
  • Mapping forested regions
  • Assessing sites for logging
  • Showcasing undeveloped land parcels to potential buyers or investors
  • Calculating the volume of soil to be excavated or filled during land development projects
  • Capturing aerial views of potential redevelopment sites





Manchester-Based UAV Solutions for Your Business

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