Architectural Visualisation Services in Manchester






With SBS CIC, we can perform full drone surveys, and from them create 3D CGI images in high definition. Our images enable you to visualise and amend CGI images and use them to showcase your project to investors, designers, project managers, and other architects so that your plans can be communicated effectively and completely to personnel on all levels of technical understanding.





High-resolution architectural CGI

We can provide both interior and exterior still CGIs, which work superbly for conveying plans and architectural ideas on marketing media. With the usage of drone footage and images, an accurate and detailed CGI can be built up around that. We will also include the smaller details, enabling viewers to bring scene to life, such as interior fittings, and representations of people, demonstrating how the space shall ideally be used.

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3D architectural model of apartment buildings




With the usage of precision measurements, our drone images can generate a sophisticated three-dimensional model. This can then be supplemented with detailed Computer Generated Images to create a beautiful and stunning representation of your architectural intentions. In recent years, creating verified CGI such as this has been instrumental in obtaining Planning Permission, particularly for projects considered environmentally sensitive, or substantial in their size and scope.



Housing developments

Drone-generated CGI imagery is vital for producing architectural visualisation for a large development project. Whether you use two or three-dimensional images, your proposed housing development can be brought to life for investors, planning departments, local authorities, and housing developers. This will help you market your project, and potentially enable early property sales, which in turn eases financial pressures on a project as it is being completed.

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3D model of suburban houses


3D model of modern house


Conceptual CGI

At SBS CIC, we have access to several methods to help promote your project in the early stages of its conception. From wireline CGI, to artistic CGI sketches, we will combine these with our drone images of the site to be developed to help you create the visualisation you need to promote your project at its conceptual stage.

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