Asset Inspections



With SBS CIC, you can obtain an accurate and detailed overview of your assets from an aerial view. 

With SBS CIC, you can obtain an accurate and detailed overview of your assets from an aerial view. Our drone photography in Manchester allows you to cover enormous sites quickly and effectively, and reach high roofing and overhangs quickly and without difficulty. You can save money and time, without the need for expensive cranes, walking surveys, and hazardous access work, while still obtaining a comprehensive visual report of all the assets in an area.

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Aerial drone inspections

As a company or an individual, you may have property assets spread across a wide area. Our drone pilots can help you cover the ground quickly while providing quality imagery for you to view your assets from the comfort of your own office. We can cover a range of property types, including:

  • Industrial sites
  • Housing developments
  • Country estates
  • Electric pylons
  • Wind turbines
  • Construction sites



Safer, faster and cheaper

Drone technology has come on in leaps and bounds in the last two decades. Drones themselves are accessible enough that anyone can take them up as a pastime. However, with the advanced surveying technology we can apply to this method, including thermographic imagery, to detect water ingress or thermal bridging, and high-resolution 3D images, drones are an essential tool in the armoury of any professional surveyor. Our professional drone pilots can bring you superb imagery of your assets to help you or your stakeholders accurately evaluate the state of your assets.

Previously surveyors would have relied on cumbersome ladders, cherry-pickers, cranes, or even scaffolding, just to inspect one property. To cover a large area of land a surveyor might spend considerable time simply traversing a site, amidst potentially dangerous working conditions and hazards inherent to a building site or un-remediated property. For your peace of mind, we hold public liability insurance of £5 million.






If you need assistance with asset inspections, contact our drone operators based in Manchester today at 0161 470 4739.

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