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SBS CIC is an aerial drone service provider with an emphasis on environmentally-conscious practices and sustainability.

Our mission, as drone operators based in Manchester, is two-pronged. Firstly, as mentioned, we want to support and promote sustainable practices for a variety of industries, with our drone service that can provide real value, as well as helping your business reduce its impact on the planet. We are also a registered CIC, which relates to our other goal – we want to provide working opportunities for those who have sustained life-changing injuries, which have rendered them disabled. Opportunities for people in those positions are limited, when it comes to a return to work. We're here to give people the second chance they deserve, thanks to our Manchester-based UAV inspection 





Reduce Emissions And Costs While Helping Provide Real Opportunity.

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 Drone Operators in Manchester Drone Operators in Manchester





Joseph Barnaby
CEO and Founder

Joseph has a history in active sports, which have long been a passion of his. He started skydiving in 2016 and then took up BASE jumping in 2018. He secured a medal in Wingsuit Performance, during the British National Championships, and was able to attain sponsorship for the World Wingsuit Championships in 2019. Joseph had an accident in 2020 that resulted in a broken spine and pelvis, with nerve damage that ended his professional skydiving career. So, Sky Based Solutions was born, now offering Manchester-based UAV inspection services, among others, to all of Greater Manchester and Cheshire.

A Charitable Focus.

Whilst rehabilitating from his injury, Joseph worked with several charities. This helped him to regain his sense of purpose in life and give him the courage to pursue his dreams once more. Robbed of his ability to take to the skies himself, Joseph found the next best thing – UAV drone inspection. Based in Manchester, he is a qualified drone operator, now able to manage long-distance and location-based drone routes.






Our Goals.

We want to help people who have sustained life-changing injuries while doing what they love. Work opportunities for the disabled are limited, with many people confined to admin roles and menial work. Having suffered such an injury himself, Joseph has experience with everything, from having a lifetime of career work cut short, to suffering discrimination due to his disability and ethnic background. The ability to pursue your life passions is something that nobody should have to lose and, with several friends from an extreme sporting background suffering the same fate, Joseph knew he had to intervene. Now offering work in UAV inspection, in Manchester and the surrounding areas, he aspires to help and serve this very specific minority within the disabled community.




Voluntary Emergency Support.

Another element of our service is the support we provide to search and rescue teams. We are able to provide drone support in a variety of emergency scenarios, including search and rescue. With a birds-eye view, we can assist you in identifying missing persons, injured hikers and the like.

Please reach out in the event of an emergency. We are happy to provide assistance whenever we can.

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When we're not serving our local community with professional, Manchester-based UAV inspection, SBS organise and run trips and events, in partnership with a variety of charities, such as Air League, Aerobility, Millimetres 2 Mountains and Adaptive Grand Slam. These trips can include anything from a round of golf to flying lessons! Working with those in our work programme, as well as other disabled people within the local community, we run these trips 4x per year.


Activities include:

  • Paralympic Sports
  • Mountaineering
  • Hiking
  • Climbing
  • Paragliding
  • Parachuting

  • Indoor Flying
  • Watersports
  • Kitesurfing
  • Diving
  • Piloting





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