Drone Services

When it comes to unmanned aerial systems operation, there’s no better choice than Sky Based Solutions. Our Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) services are based in Manchester and offered with a two-fold aim.


Measured Survey

Measured Drone Surveys, including: 2D Mapping, 3D Modelling and Digital Surface Models (DSM)   more  

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging surveys for your home and business  more  

Videography and Photography

aerial video, photography and editing services for your business.  more  

Architectural Visualisation

With SBS CIC, we can perform full drone surveys, and from them create 3D CGI images in high definition.  more  

Solar panel inspections

While solar panels are intended to be low maintenance, many owners have problems with their panels.  more  

Snagging for new builds

A thermal camera is a great tool for detecting defects and errors (known as snags) in a new build home.   more  

Progress Monitoring Surveys

A drone survey can cover the whole of the site with a bird’s eye view, giving clients a quick, low-cost, and comprehensive overview of the entire operation.  more  

Asset Inspections

With SBS CIC, you can obtain an accurate and detailed overview of your assets from an aerial view.   more  

Roof Surveys

Your team can identify any potential hazards and failings, and even plan for repairs, using the high-quality 4K image and thermographic information.  more