Sky Based Solutions (SBS) is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) drone operator, based in Manchester.

Our goals are twofold – firstly, to help combat the climate emergency through the provision of commercial services to sustainable industries and, secondly, to provide support and guidance to disabled people, particularly those from an active and extreme sports background. We are a Community Interest Company and take great pride in the work we do with various charities, supporting and training disabled people as they seek a return to work. The services we offer are varied, spanning several industries, and always delivered with a focus on assisting sustainable practices.






These services provide a variety of benefits to a variety of different industries, assisting them in the acquisition of data, while saving significant cost and improving the safety of their personnel.

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Industries We Work With.

One of our primary goals is to support environmentally-friendly, sustainable businesses with our valuable services, helping combat climate change and contribute to reforestation and sustainable building projects. Our drone photography in Manchester supports industries such as construction, renewable energy and agriculture. Visit our Industries page to see how our services can help minimise the environmental impact of your industry, while seeing projects completed sustainably.








MISSION: Commercial.

Using UAV drones and state-of-the-art 3D modelling techniques, SBS provide innovative aerial services to socially and environmentally-conscious businesses across the UK.


MISSION : Social.

We aim to encourage and include those with physical disabilities, equipping them with useful skills. We facilitate their re-entry into the workforce, giving them a purpose in life and making them a core part of our sustainable future.




How SBS is Different



We offer high-quality and comprehensive drone photography in Manchester and the wider UK, including surveying and videography. We pair this drone operation with state-of-the-art analysis and design capabilities to provide a service that is multi-faceted and professional.



SBS is focused on industries with large environmental and sustainable potential, within the sustainability, conservation, agriculture and affordable housing sectors. Each sector underutilises UAVs and, by making better use of them, can save costs and increase productivity.




We're proud to offer a development programme for the disabled, that sees those with life-changing physical disabilities train within our sector. As a registered CIC, we're able to offer work experience placements and full-time jobs, giving people a second chance at a career they'll love.



Our primary goals are to help save the planet and to provide roles for those who society has forgotten. With that in mind, we offer our services to small businesses, not-for-profit organisations and local authorities, at affordable, accessible prices.




Group of young people working with drones and VR headsets

Work Placements and Training Programmes.

As a Community Interest Company, we're proud to contribute to the empowerment of those in need in our community. Returning to work after a life-changing accident is particularly difficult for the physically disabled, with many finding employment in menial, unfulfilling roles – but our drone photography in Manchester and the wider UK provides an alternative and altogether more fulfilling avenue. We'll support them as they learn the ins and outs of a sector that would, without significant training, qualification and experience, be unavailable to them.

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Serving the Community and the Planet

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